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NEXD GAMING NEWS Our latest announcements

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Launched it 2.0! – Jun 21, 2024, 4:17 PM


An entirely refactored website and our own custom programmed Discord bot “The NEXD Assistant” has just launched!

Besides the above mentioned, we added many neat features such as:

If YOU want to know the details of these brand-new features, head to and check it out yourself!

We are thrilled to begin this new era of NEXD together with you and see us evolve into a bigger and better community than ever before!


Shin & HolyMoly

PS: We are hosting a new GIVEAWAY. This time for our Minecraft branch. So if you want to become a beta-tester on our soon coming Minecraft Server Network, check out

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Happy Birthday NEXD! – Jun 3, 2024, 1:13 PM Today is the 2nd anniversary of NEXD.

Precisely two years ago the Star Citizen Org (formerly known as Nydoo Mining Group) was founded, having 5 members.
We have come a long way since and now have a total member count of ~420 :partying_face: and plan to host more than just Star Citizen

In the name of us founders we want to thank you all for your trust and commitment over the years :pray:

Celebrating this moment we want to make another major announcement.
So hold your drinks because we will launch the new community Website and DiscordBot

Official launch date of NEXD website + discord bot is 21st June 2024

Minecraft Server Network – May 24, 2024, 10:18 AM Many of you have probably noticed that, aside from calling it multi-gaming, not much has really happened content-wise for games other than Star Citizen.
For that reason, I want to share another piece of information with the fellow members of NEXD.

Please see the very first sneak peek of our Minecraft Server Network being launched later this year
It's a place for players from all over the world to enjoy numerous in-game and off-game features, games, and events - FOR FREE❗

Special thanks to Riplex for assisting us in creating ideas, building maps and developing features for this game 🙏

Stay tuned and take care!
A new game on the horizon – Apr 14, 2024, 3:55 PM We're excited to announce the addition of the third game to our community very soon: Sea of Thieves

Similar to our existing games, Minecraft and Star Citizen, we will integrate this new game branch into our services and aim to build a player base for everyone to engage with!

But before that can happen, there are important next steps down the road: Website release and Discord Bot!
You heard right: Our Discord server is getting it's own Bot with a custom programmed feature very soon!

We hope you are as thrilled about upcoming features as we are giving them into your hands
Enabling voluntary donations – Apr 1, 2024, 10:34 AM We have setup a donation link for any of you who would like to support us.

You can gather all necessary info by visiting the donation page
or by scanning the QR-Code attached to this post

This is no begging, just providing opportunities 👍

Best wishes and thanks
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