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Make a name in town!

Join our Survival Minecraft Server and connect to other crafters!
Survive the night, gather resources and experience our numerous server features.

Free-to-play – no whitelist – no pay-to-win – PVP and safe-zones!

  • Events
  • CityPlots
  • ItemShop
  • MiniGames
  • PlayerVaults
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Protect yourself and your mates in epic battles and adventures on the Sea of Thieves 🏴‍☠

Get in touch with other NEXD captains and crewmen to become the best crew upon the seven seas. Collect tips and tricks for the game and get the latest info on updates and features.

Set sail!

Tired of mining alone or running the same old bunker mission over and over again? Want to be a part of a growing org that truly cares about YOU and isn't here to waste your time?

Join the NEXD Star Citizen Organisation by visiting
our Star Citizen Org page(game package required)

Enter a multi-crew environment and participate in our many community events.

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Discord Community
Join our Discord Server!
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Upcoming event
Star Citizen - Salvage Event Greetings! The Industrial Department will be hosting monthly "First Tuesday" Salvaging Operations.

The details are as follows:

Crews and support will meet at Area 18 and receive their orders from the commanding officer for the operation at that time.
Remember to remain vigilant, NEXD!
  • Meetup Time: Wednesday July 2nd - 3 AM UTC
  • Meetup Location: Area 18, ArcCorp
  • Ships to be crewed: Reclaimer(s)
  • Defense: Min. 2 fighters (Light/Medium/Heavy)
  • Point of Contact / CO: IDC AizenKeel
Latest News
Launched it 2.0! – Jun 21, 2024, 4:17 PM


An entirely refactored website and our own custom programmed Discord bot “The NEXD Assistant” has just launched!

Besides the above mentioned, we added many neat features such as:

If YOU want to know the details of these brand-new features, head to and check it out yourself!

We are thrilled to begin this new era of NEXD together with you and see us evolve into a bigger and better community than ever before!


Shin & HolyMoly

PS: We are hosting a new GIVEAWAY. This time for our Minecraft branch. So if you want to become a beta-tester on our soon coming Minecraft Server Network, check out